Finding Resources for Differentiated Instruction

Are you looking for resources that are organized by readability, aligned to state standards, lesson plans, learning exercises, and pictures? If so, consider netTrekker d.i., which now offers the ability to sort, organize, and find the appropriate resource for the different learning styles and readability of your students. Go to the site and sign up for a free trial to check this out.

  • Search by or determine readability of resources.
  • Special area for ELL skill development.
  • Dictionary enabled with hotkey component provides definition of any word with immediate feedback in English.
  • Search results present lesson plans, learning exercises, maps/charts, images, and biographies,
  • Multicultural pavilion with diversity issues, cultural sensitivities and famous people from other cultures.
  • Each resource evaluated by an educator. Any problem with a link can be reported by others who use the program.

I learned about NeTTrekker di from Donna Trivett, VP of Marketing at NECC and wanted to share it since it was just released September 1st.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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