Finding your computer's IP Address

Question: How or where can I find my IP address?

The IT Guy says:
In Windows XP, from the Start menu choose RUN, type “cmd†and press enter. A DOS command line window should appear. Type “ipconfig†and the current IP address of your computer should be displayed.

On a Macintosh computer (OS 10.3), to view the IP address choose System Preferences from the Apple menu and click NETWORK. Click the popup menu next to SHOW and choose the method you are using to connect to the Internet (Airport for wireless, Ethernet for a hardwired, highspeed connection.) Click the TCP/IP tab to view the currently assigned IP address of your computer.

For more information about the different types of IP addresses, and what this means in terms of your abilities to do things on the Internet or be at risk from outside attacks, refer to "The IT Guy: IP Addresses".

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