Fix a Damaged Jump Drive?

Question: I accidentally dropped my Lexar JumpDrive Secure and it doesn’t work anymore. I inserted into my USB port and nothing happens: the drive letter does not show up in “My Computer†as it once did. Is there any way to make it work again?

The IT Guy says:
Unfortunately, you are probably out of luck in salvaging your jumpdrive. Just like a floppy disk, jump drives (sometimes also called keydrives or thumbdrives) are susceptible to unrecoverable damage if they are dropped and severely jarred. You might try plugging the jumpdrive into some other computers to see if the result is the same, but most likely if it has been damaged it cannot be repaired.

If you previously used your JumpDrive successfully this next item may not be the issue, but do make sure you have the latest drivers installed from Lexar for your computer. Download these from Lexar Downloads

You may be able to get your jumpdrive repaired by Lexar. Contact their support specialists by live chat, Email, or phone, with the contact information provided on Lexar Support

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