Follett’s Destiny 17.5 Release Features Key Updates

Teens studying with laptop and tablet computer in library.
(Image credit: iStock/Antonio_Diaz)

Follett has released Destiny 17.5, a new version of the solution featuring enhancements to Destiny Library Manager, Destiny Resource Manager, Destiny Discover, and Collections by Destiny. 

Key Destiny 17.5 updates include:

• Destiny Library Manager. The new version will provide support for ‘Community Share’, a program that connects Baker & Taylor’s public library digital collections with schools. Students will be provided with immediate access to an expanded selection of age and grade-appropriate digital content through Destiny Discover. 

• Destiny Resource Manager. Electronic signatures can now be captured on departing and arriving transfers and warehouse orders. 

• Destiny Discover. Destiny Discover, which provides a single discovery interface for students and educators to search and access print and digital resources, will now feature a customizable homepage. Discover administrators will be able to add content such as current events and announcements related to library operations and patron needs to their home page. 

• Collections by Destiny. Administrators will now have greater control over the Collections at their site. They will be able to edit, delete, copy and share any collection as if it were their own. Administrators can restrict users from seeing collections created at another site, preventing elementary school students from seeing high school content that may be inappropriate for them.

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