Forecast5 Analytics Acquires GuideK12

(Image credit: Forecast5 Analytics)

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (March 4, 2020) — Forecast5 Analytics®, Inc. announced today that it has acquired GuideK12, LLC, a Minnesota-based firm that provides geovisual analytics tools to school districts across the country. Forecast5 Analytics provides a suite of decision support software to more than 2,000 local government clients in 27 states.

“Acquiring GuideK12 is a great strategic move for Forecast5. It enables us to optimize our geovisual offerings by tapping into the domain expertise their team brings to the table,” stated Forecast5 Analytics President/CEO Mike English. “We think our public sector client base will benefit greatly from our combined efforts.”

Founded in 2011, GuideK12 is a geovisual analytics software company that enables education decision makers to explore and analyze school district data by adding a geographic and visual dimension to their student and community information. GuideK12 products are utilized by school districts for the strategic analysis of boundaries, open enrollment, resource deployment, referendum planning and student and community demographics.

The full GuideK12 staff will join the Forecast5 Analytics organization and continue to service all users of the GuideK12 products.

Chuck Amos, who served as the GuideK12 CEO since 2012, commented on the new relationship. “Joining Forecast5 is absolutely the right thing for the GuideK12 team, for the districts we currently serve and for those we hope to serve in the future. Our clients will now have access to a comprehensive suite of financial and operational management solutions that will enable them to better serve their communities. We are very excited to be part of the Forecast5 family.”

Commented Forecast5 Analytics Vice President of Integration Tony Jerisha, “We’re extremely excited about GuideK12’s geovisual technology and the implications it has for our own 5Maps™ mapping solution. I have no doubt that this new relationship will provide new capabilities for clients seeking to enhance decision-making using geospatial data.”

This is Forecast5 Analytics’ third acquisition in the past nine months. In May 2019, the company acquired Ohio-based Public Finance Resources in a deal that added 300 Ohio public school districts to the list of clients served by Forecast5, and in August 2019, Forecast5 acquired, the leading provider of decision support and planning tools and services for Minnesota K-12 school districts.

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