Gaggle Partners with ContentKeeper for Enhanced Student Security

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(Image credit: Gaggle)

Gaggle has partnered with ContentKeeper Technologies to create a new integrated digital safety solution called Gaggle Safety for ContentKeeper.

Gaggle Safety for ContentKeeper integrates ContentKeeper’s Web Filtering and Security Platform for schools with the Gaggle student safety solution, which uses a  combination of both artificial intelligence and trained safety experts. When ContentKeeper flags a student Internet search for words that may signal potentially dangerous or harmful behavior, an alert will be sent to the Gaggle Safety Team who will review it and determine if it should be forwarded to the school or district. If the team classifies it as a questionable content search, the alert will be emailed to the school or district. If the alert shows an imminent threat to the student’s life or well-being, the Gaggle Safety Team will immediately notify the school’s or district’s specified contact by phone.

Gaggle’s integration with ContentKeeper reduces workload on IT administrators and staff so they no longer need to deal with false alerts, review items at night and weekends, or worry about missing potential issues with life-threatening consequences.

Gaggle Safety for ContentKeeper will be available as an add-on to the Gaggle student safety solution.