GuideK12™ participates in inaugural DOE Datapalooza - Tech Learning

GuideK12™ participates in inaugural DOE Datapalooza

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GuideK12 participated in the first Education Datapalooza, hosted by the White House and the U.S. Department of Education on October 9th 2012.

Participants were challenged to share innovative ideas fueled by open data for the advancement of educational achievement.

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Equitable Participation

Tip: Can you get equitable participation with online learning activities? Ideally yes. Realistically, don't expect this. Whoever coordinates a project will be taking on more work than other participants in making it all come together. That said, look for ways to encourage others to take their participation as far

Buy-In from Participants

Tip: Most online courses are really not that different than face-to-face, or F2F, traditional classes. But many instructors find that it is like pulling teeth to get their students to log on regularly. The drop out rate is higher for online courses than F2F classes. To have a successful class or online community,

Encouraging Participation

Tip: How can I keep my Professional Learning Community active, thriving and an exciting place for my teachers to learn, grow and collaborate? Professional Learning Communities can be wonderful and exhilarating places for teachers to grow, learn and collaborate. Communities that meet regularly face-to-face


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