Hillsborough County Public Schools Selects Edsby Gradebook

Hillsborough County Public Schools has selected the Edsby gradebook and social learning platform to provide a district-wide modernization of tools used by teachers to track and share grades, assignments, and class-related information with students and parents. The solution will be supplied by Aptiris Inc., which will also be providing integration, training and related services. Edsby, built by CoreFour Inc., is a modern cloud-based gradebook and social learning platform which enables school districts to deploy a suite of advanced teaching and learning capabilities that are integrated with the existing IT infrastructure of the district. The agreement covers a five year period commencing July 1, 2013.

Hillsborough County Public Schools encompasses over 260 schools and with an education community of over 194,000 students and over 15,000 teachers, it ranks as one of the ten largest school districts in the US. After an extensive search and evaluation process by a team of over twenty district educators, administrators, parents, and information technology specialists, Edsby was the leading choice of the evaluation team.

“I saw in Edsby the fulfillment of a wish list that I've had since I started teaching," said James Stewart, a high school chemistry teacher. "The gradebook itself has everything that I need. But Edsby also has features that allow me to connect to students and families in ways that feel natural to these students, who are digital natives and twenty first century learners.”

“We look forward to the key services that Edsby will provide to all the stakeholders in our education community here at Hillsborough,” said Gregory Hart, the Manager of Web Communication at Hillsborough County Public Schools. “We know that having students and their families more engaged with student progress and achievement is vital step in improving student outcomes, and Edsby will enable our organization to make significant progress in this area, especially as it relates to the Florida commitments to the Race To The Top program.”

Aptiris Inc. a Georgia-based certified Edsby reseller that has provided communication and collaboration solutions to school districts across the U.S. for over a decade, will deliver Edsby to Hillsborough. “Aptiris has recently added Edsby to the portfolio of offerings we provide to education customers.” said Gary Falcon, President of Aptiris. “It is the most innovative and capable new product we’ve seen in the education space in a long time, and we’re pleased to be able to work with Hillsborough and Edsby to bring these benefits to the teachers, students and parents of the district.”