How It's Done: Upgrading A Security Management System

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Upgrading a security management system to integrate with new cameras delivers safe and controlled access for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

Who:  Ron Ehlers, Network Administrator

Where: Washington Community High School District 308, Washington, IL

We had an old Bosch security system circa 2001 that needed to be updated. A year ago, we installed security cameras, so we wanted to integrate our door system with the cameras and wanted it to be seamless and easy. Our goal was to find a system that would allow our in-house staff to manage it without having to call an engineer. We wanted something cutting edge and a partner with expertise.

Creating a more secure and safer campus was the primary driver for upgrading our system. The previous system no longer provided acceptable, up-to-date levels of security; command and control, scheduling, alarm monitoring or third-party integration capabilities. We wanted an up-to-date, easy-to-use security system to coordinate all the access points, door schedules of classes, practices, and games—in general the coming and going of all people on campus.

Reliability over the long term was critical to our systems review. We wanted something that was not cloud based and that would update frequently and automatically. We chose to keep the security system campus-based as that seemed to offer us the greatest control and flexibility. 

Finding a Trusted Partner

After careful evaluation of the project requirements and an extensive review of potential software suppliers, the AvericsUnity Security Management System was recommended by the Kern Group.  The Kern Group is an Averics Certified Integrator. AvericsUnity successfully met the demanding criteria set out by our evaluation committee. 

Unlike the old system, the new one has intelligent scheduling and user control, innovative notification capabilities, monitoring through graphical maps, campus lockdown, alarm event monitoring, remote management, and state-of-the-art third party integration abilities merged into one unified platform.  

Network door controllers from Axis Communications utilize the software for access management. The controllers are installed in secure locations throughout the campus and grant or deny entry based on the users assigned schedule and level of privileges through the software. 

Working with the Kern Group alleviated a lot of the stress of implementing a new security system. We added three to four door access badge readers, so now the faculty has a choice of doors to enter. Student access is controlled through a main entry staffed with teachers for manual recognition. There are now access cameras on all doors and perimeter doors are locked down. Our resource officer can view all the doors in real time.

The upgrade has been exactly what we expected. I don’t see anything changing in the foreseeable future. We might add some additional cameras, but we are very pleased with this  outcome.

Technology Used

 AvericsUnity Security Management System 

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