How to Mentor Online

By Mary Mitchell and Kay Ruhle
Florida Virtual School
Online Teacher Mentors
Mentoring in the virtual world is not just putting two people together. Mentoring is a school-wide commitment to continue the culture of a virtual school. A strong mentoring program to support new team members accomplishes it. We have found 7 Essential Components of a successful mentoring program. A well-developed mentoring program: 1.Documents the purpose, goals and outcomes of the program:

2.Focuses on improved student learning:

3.Establishes a mentoring relationship:

4.Provides specific guidance for both the mentee and the mentor:

5.Empowers the mentor to be a lifeline for the mentee:

6.Clearly defines accountability measures for both the mentor and mentee:

7.Provides resources and support for mentors and mentees:

A progressively thinking virtual school will devote time, financial resources and personnel resources to insuring that teachers are supported in this new endeavor. Doing so provides the rewards of satisfied personnel and increased teacher retention.