HP EliteBook Revolve

HP EliteBook Revolve

www.hp.com • Time Spent Reviewing this Product: Three weeks • Retail Price: $1,450

HP extends its business tablet portfolio with its next-generation convertible tablet, the HP EliteBook Revolve, a touch-enabled notebook that pivots to let users share their work and folds to go mobile as a tablet.

Quality and Effectiveness: The Revolve is a sturdy, sleek device that handled the rough treatment of many young hands over the course of the review. The LED-backlit display is bright and crisp.

Ease of Use: All of the power switches and control modules were intuitive to find and easy to use. The swivel function from notebook to tablet and vice versa took some getting used to for the students. Powering on and off was a cinch. Navigating Windows 8, however, was a different story!

Creative Use of Technology: The younger students gravitated towards using the Revolve in its tablet mode. The touchscreen was responsive even with multiple fingers touching at the same time. Older students liked the ability to transform the device back to a notebook to perform more serious writing tasks.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The Revolve would be a great device for a classroom if you can afford it. It would most likely be overkill in a 1:1 environment for primary school, although it could be a good teacher device that occasionally gets handed to students in groups, for example.


• Sturdy swivel from tablet to notebook and back
• Crisp, clear display
• Lightweight, considering its overall size

OVERALL RATING: This is a high performing, expensive device that is best suited for teachers and secondary-school students. If a school is married to a Windows environment, the Revolve should work admirably.