ISTE 2012 NEWS: GlobalScholar Launches Solution Updates

GlobalScholar today announced that it is launching new market releases of its products to support key solutions: Scantron®, EXCEED® and Pinnacle™. The releases are being showcased at the annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), being held in San Diego.

GlobalScholar’s Personalized Learning solution, provides anytime, anywhere learning opportunities by using technology to differentiate instruction, curriculum and assessments. This solution provides a transparent learning environment so that parents can also stay informed of their child’s achievement gaps or gifts. New release features include district-wide dashboard analytics to help predict summative, high-stakes test results; automated Response To Intervention (RTI) emails and alerts for real-time personalization; a newly expanded range of Early Childhood computer-adaptive assessments for grades K-2, aligned to Common Core; and new mastery measures of standards, which can be converted to traditional grading. GlobalScholar’s Personalized Learning solutions help meet Absolute Priority 1 for the new Race to the Top (RTT-D) funding for districts.

GlobalScholar’s Educator Effectiveness solution lets administrators and educators go beyond classroom observation to capture a multi-dimensional composite of teaching skills. Schools and districts can now factor in additional data, such as attendance, achievement scores and teaching models. Upgrades include multiple rubrics that can be configured for different evaluation models and roles; addition of evidence data from external sources like Value-Added Measurement (VAM) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP); as well as the ability to capture observations from self, peer and third-party evaluators.

GlobalScholar’s Standards-based Education framework lets educators and their students work in alignment to address gaps in what the students know, as well as what they need to learn. This performance-based perspective provides students with a direct experience of actual subject knowledge, as well as opportunities to advance critical and creative thinking skills. New release features include the ability to measure mastery by standard and item; new standards-based adaptive assessments for grades K-2, written by educators and aligned 100 percent with Common Core; and additional methods for calculating standards-based grades.