It's Always the Last Place You Look!

Question: Computers are great...for losing stuff. Very often I want to find a file that I know I saved and it seems to have disappeared. Or I am in a long Word file and cannot find a particular item. What can I do?

The IT Guy says:
Another vastly underrated computer feature is the "Find" function. While I wouldn't put substantial cash on it, I do believe that there is a Find mode in almost all of the basic programs on the machine you have right now. This is so handy that when you download from the Net and forget where you put a file, it's not a disaster. (More on that little embarrassment next time.) In a Word program, you use it to find and replace something. In the general search mode, you can search specific drives for items by date, size and even on the net. While each system is different in layout, the power of the Find command can save you a lot of time if you are a new user. Just remember to read your choices carefully in the Advanced mode or you may get unexpected results. Another bonus: both Mac and PC's will let you click on the found item in the results list, at least in most functions, and go directly there.

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