Keeping Your Job Exciting

Do you ever feel that your job as a professional developer is the same old routine? With so much emphasis on reading, math, and improving scores, you may be finding it difficult to be innovative. There are ways that you can infuse a little creativity into your job or change how you work:

  • Change how and where you work. If you work in an office, move your furniture around or change offices with a co-worker. If you work at home, get out occasionally or rent a temporary office at a business suite. One of your clients may have an office or corner somewhere where you can park your computer.
  • Change your schedule around so you are working earlier or later. If you eat at your desk, schedule a lunch meeting just to get out of the office.
  • Learn something new. With technology changing so fast, there is always something you could learn. Take a class, read a book, or ask a colleague to coach you on something you always wanted to learn.
  • Update your wardrobe. If you are like me, you may wear a certain outfit several times and not remember if you wore a particular outfit in front of certain clients. Buy yourself a new suit, scarf or accessory and wear it for your next job.

I was invited to do different presentations for this one district several months in a row. In reviewing the evaluations at the last session, one feedback I got caught my eye: “Don’t you own any other outfit?†Apparently, I had worn the same outfit each session. Guess it’s a good idea to keep track of what outfits you wear for repeat clients. :o)

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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