Kentucky School Improves Math Proficiency

Lee County Middle School in Beattyville, Kentucky reports improved student math proficiency after implementing Common Core Coach from Triumph Learning. Lee County Middle School used the program to help students master Common Core math skills.

“With Common Core Coach, we were able to prepare our teachers and students for the rigors of Common Core assessments,” said Karen Angel, principal at Lee County Middle School. “The results speak for themselves, with noticeable gains in student achievement from year to year.”

Lee County Middle School math teachers wanted to increase math proficiency scores on the end-of-grade Kentucky Performance Rating for Education Progress (K-PREP). The percentage of students performing at Novice level, Kentucky’s lowest achievement level, was approximately 30 percent in grades six and eight, and 45 percent for grade seven. Faced with the more rigorous standards of the Common Core, teachers also felt the need to provide students additional practice with higher-level math questions. After using Common Core Coach Mathematics, Lee County Middle School sixth, seventh and eighth grade students experienced a boost in math achievement. Between 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, the percentage of students performing at Novice level dropped by 13 percent in sixth grade, 25 percent in seventh and 16 percent in eighth. In the seventh and eighth grade, there was also an increase in the top two achievement levels, going from 18 percent to 44 percent and 26 percent to 43 percent respectively.

To learn more about the success Lee County Middle School has experienced with Common Core Coach, download the case study.