Keynote Announced for the #NYCSchoolsTech Website Accessibility Conference

Lynn Wehrman, President and Founder of WeCo Accessibility Services, will deliver the keynote address at the #NYCSchoolsTech Website Accessibility Conference.

As the leader of a company founded and run by digital technologists, all of whom live with disabilities, Lynn will spotlight the positive impacts of website accessibility for students, parents and the community.

Her talk will include the following:

  • Lynn’s own journey to grasp digital accessibility in a government role
  • Beyond just blindness: a brief primer of the disabilities people live and how they impact computer use
  • How accessible websites include and empower others
  • Ways accessibility improves user experience for everyone
  • Knowing when to update for accessibility and when to start over

The Website Accessibility Conference, co-hosted by Tech&Learning and the New York City Department of Education, will be held November 5th 2019 at Wagner Middle School, 220 East 76th Street, New York, NY.

To learn more about the conference or to register, visit