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Kokomo24/7® Announces Sponsorship at EDUCAUSE, October 14-7, in Chicago

Kokomo24/7®, an A.I.-driven, cloud-based student safety platform, today announced that it is slated to sponsor and exhibit at the EDUCAUSE Annual conference on October 14-17, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.  Kokomo24/7 will be in booth S3 to discuss student safety and how its product, Kokomo24/7® School Safety Cloud™, leverages A.I. with years of school data to predict possible student safety incidents like bullying, suicidal tendencies, and other disruptive student-learning events. 

Kokomo24/7® School Safety Cloud™ helps provide safe learning environments for students and school faculty through safety solutions designed to identify potential bullying, suicide, and other disruptive learning events. Three components comprise the Safety Cloud: Incident Case Management (IMS), Anonymous Incident Reporting System (AR), and Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

Kokomo24/7’s IMS learns from the past and analyzes data to predict outcomes and provide intervention before incidents happen. With AR, students, parents, and faculty, in the district where deployed, can submit safety concerns from the mobile app or website portal powered by the A.I.-based Triage Scoring System™ to help identify and intervene at-risk individuals and incidents.  Kokomo24/7 Safety Cloud™ can watch cases from hundreds of schools in a school district, identify red flags, and notify school administrators in real-time so faculty and safety officials can intervene quickly.

Kokomo24/7 has deployed the Kokomo24/7 School Safety Cloud™ at the second largest school district in America, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which serves nearly 750,000 students.

For more information about Kokomo24/7® School Safety Cloud™, visit