Maine schools adopt OpenDNS Enterprise

OpenDNS, provider of Internet security and DNS services today announced that more than 90 percent of public K-12 schools and libraries in the state of Maine use OpenDNS Enterprise to achieve CIPA compliance and safeguard against Internet threats. The organization that operates and maintains all network infrastructure for Maine's K-12 schools and libraries, Networkmaine, estimates more than 200,000 students, faculty and visitors are protected by OpenDNS Enterprise after enabling the service.

Prior to licensing OpenDNS Enterprise for use at Maine's schools and libraries, Networkmaine was searching for a solution to replace the State's archaic hardware-based platform that was nearly impossible to manage and expand. Without an immensely-scalable cloud-based solution that could accommodate rapidly increasing bandwidth consumption, Networkmaine Executive Director Jeff Letourneau faced the possibility of content filtering becoming a network bottleneck and cost center.

Networkmaine elected to deploy OpenDNS Enterprise because the service offered an approach to content filtering that not only helped Maine public K-12 schools and libraries achieve CIPA compliance, but also reduced overhead administrative costs and offered maximum scalability for a growing network.

"Our previous content filtering solution was the Achilles heel for the network. Anytime it had a performance problem it was felt everywhere since all traffic went through these appliances," said Letourneau. "With OpenDNS Enterprise we no longer have to worry about performance or scalability."

OpenDNS is used by more than 40,000 public K-12 schools throughout the U.S., including some of the largest districts in the country: Baltimore City Schools, Detroit Public Schools, and San Diego Unified School District. Additional stats about OpenDNS use among public K-12 schools include: