Maxell Introduces New High-Brightness, 3LCD Laser Projectors with Enhanced Visuals

Maxell projector

Maxell, Ltd. today announced the launch of three new, high-brightness, 3LCD laser projectors for the North American market. The Maxell MP-WU5603 and MP-WX5603 feature 6,000 ANSI lumen brightness, while the Maxell MP-WU5503 features 5,000 ANSI lumen brightness. All three provide 5-year standard warranty.

These laser-light-source projectors offer 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, and up to 50,000 hours when using Long Life 2 mode. 

Maxell’s Accentualizer technology enhances sharpness, gloss and shade, while the HDCR2 technology automatically enhances the tone and color of the projected image to correct unclear images caused by room lighting.

Maxell’s Cloning Function allows users to copy setting data from one projector to other projectors of the same model. The MP-WU5503, MP-WU5603 and MP-WX5603 also feature Perfect Fit 2 for the independent adjustment of image corners and sides. Other features include Input Source Naming, Lens Shift, Picture by Picture, Picture in Picture, DICOM® Simulation Mode and 360° rotation.

Additionally, secure embedded networking gives customers the ability to manage and control multiple projectors from one centralized location to schedule events, transfer images, and create email alerts, as well as to receive centralized reporting and conduct routine maintenance.

Users can connect to the 3LCD projectors using HDBaseT™, HDMI®, Maxell’s Projector Quick Connection App for Mobile Devices or using an optional USBWL5G wireless adapter.

The Business Solutions Group, Digital Solutions Division of Hitachi America, Ltd. will be the distributing partner supporting the launch and resale of these new Maxell projectors in the United States and Canada through September 30, 2019. Beginning October 1, 2019, Maxell, Ltd., through its United States subsidiary, Maxell Corporation of America, will assume responsibility for all operations related to the sale of Maxell-brand projectors and accessories in the North American market. 

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