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Michigan awards Pearson with 5-year teacher training contract

Pleased with the company’s performance, Michigan has awarded a five-year contract to Pearson’s Evaluation Systems group to continue managing teacher certification testing. The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) program will build on Pearson’s nearly two-decade relationship with the Michigan Department of Education and will now implement computer-based testing.

Certification tests will be available via computer-based testing, and candidates for teacher certification in Michigan will take the tests at Pearson’s test centers, receiving immediate test results. The number of MTTC paper-based test administrations will increase from four to five each year, with the aim to increase testing opportunities for candidates.

The Evaluation Systems group launched the first computer-based content teacher certification tests and the first fully computer-based statewide teacher licensure testing program. By expanding the MTTC testing options, the Michigan Department of Education hopes to give schools more access to a greater number of knowledgeable teachers.