Mobile Managers

Student Information

Ace Software ADM 2000 Principalm
Platform: Palm 4.0 or later (memory card slot required)

Designed as a mobile interface for ADM 2000 Student Information System software, ADM 2000 Principalm provides secure access to data via Palm handheld devices. Administrators can access student demographic information, grades, attendance history, and schedules (sorted by period or teacher). ADM 2000 Principalm is included in the purchase of the ADM Student Information System; the Principalm connection software and hardware are extra.

ACE Software, LLC. 6110 Enterprise Parkway, Grove City, OH 43123; (800) 837-2692;

Austin Sky Technology EVA (Educational Virtual Assistant)
Platform: Pocket PC

Educational Virtual Assistant software provides principals, counselors, school security officers, and hall monitors, with mobile access to student information. EVA works with SASI, iTCCS, STMRPC, Winschool, RSCCC, EDP, and Chancery student information systems, among others, to automatically pull the updated information. The password-protected software locks if the program is out of use for more than 15 minutes. Districts can customize the software to access specific types of data, including student pictures, class rosters, teacher schedules, and school bus schedules.

Austin Sky Technology, P.O. Box 270111, Austin, TX 78727; (877) 759-7335;

Discovery Software Principalm
Platform: Palm 4.0 or later (memory card slot required)

In addition to partnering with Ace Software to provide a handheld interface for ADM 2000, Principalm also works with more than 20 other student information systems, including SASIxp, PowerSchool, and Pentamation. Features include barcode scanning that can be used with student ID cards; 128-bit encryption; access to student schedules, grades, and attendance records; and the ability to capture thumbnail and full-scale photos. It also comes with a game called Learn Faces that allows administrators to quiz themselves to learn students' names and faces.

Discovery Software Ltd., #200 - 32463 Simon Avenue, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5E3; (604) 864-2321;

Otis Ed iProfile
Platform: Pocket PC

Part of a suite of products for data-driven decision making called the Education Intelligence Platform, OtisEd iProfile provides educators with instant and secure access to student data. The software's Handheld Integration Server can pull data from existing student information systems and upload it to an administrator's handheld wirelessly or through the cradle. Profile can be customized to meet a district's specific needs; out of the box it provides access to student profiles, photos, attendance and discipline history, medical information, and more.

Otis Educational Systems, Inc., 3845 Powder Springs Road, Suite 202, Powder Springs, GA 30127; (770) 943-3007;

Platform: Palm OS

STIPalm is a value-added module to the STI Student Information Systems, which also include administration tools for the classroom, district, and state level and school-home communication tools. It allows administrators and teachers to access student records on any Palm OS-compatible device, including Palm Tungsten, Sony Clie, and Handspring Visor and Treo models. Information that can be accessed includes student schedules, guardian information, medical information, and attendance records.

Software Technology, Inc., 4721 Morrison Drive, Suite 200, Mobile, AL 36609; (800) 844-0884;

Teacher Evaluation

Austin Sky Technology TESA (Teacher Evaluation Software Assistant)
Platform: Pocket PC

TESA allows administrators to conduct teacher evaluations on their mobile device through a customizable drop-down list of comments. Included is a "sentence library" that lets users create sentences using standard evaluation language. Datasets can be aligned to state mandates or customized for unique district needs, and a number of reports can be generated.

Austin Sky Technology, P.O. Box 270111, Austin, TX 78727; (877) 759-7335;

GoKnow GoObserve
Platform: Pocket PC and Palm OS 4.0 or higher

GoObserve software helps administrators schedule teacher and pre-service teacher observations and document instructional activities that occur during visits. Using categorization and time-stamping features, users can record minute-by-minute how teachers and students are doing. The program, which resides on a Windows computer that's synchronized with a handheld, can generate a report of the recorded events, along with a pie chart that visually displays how instructional time was used.

GoKnow Inc., 912 N. Main Street, Suite 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48104; (800) 203-3412;

Media-X Systems eWalk
Platform: Palm OS

eWalk allows users to create customized applications to collect and analyze data with no programming knowledge required. Educators create templates on the Web that can be synchronized to their handheld; data is collected during walk-through observations and then automatically uploaded to the Web. Once uploaded, the data can be printed, e-mailed, or saved as a PDF. The software comes with built in reporting capability; data can also be exported to Excel. eWalk is part of Media-X's MXWeb suite of handheld applications, which include ePrincipal (for the analysis of student demographic data, standardized test scores, and report card information); eTeacher (for curriculum development, online course creation, and report card completion); eStudent (for reviewing course material and taking online tests); and iNotice (for keeping school staff informed of student incidences and achievements, allowing them to provide instant updates and alerts.)

Media-X Systems, 304-1545 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON KIZ 8P9; (888) 722-9990;

RoveNet Portable Forms
Platform: Pocket PC, Palm OS, Blackberry

Portable Forms allows administrators to create templates for data collection through a word processing program and then upload them through the Internet to the Portable Forms server, where the form is then converted into a portable data collection application which can be run on a handheld. RoveNet also has a library of pre-created templates that can be used. Data can be automatically sent to e-mail addresses or uploaded to a Web page or database. Portable Forms can be used for principal walk-throughs, staff management, and teacher evaluation, among other uses.

Rovenet, Inc., 2 North Main Street, Southampton, NY 11968; (631) 287-3270;

Hardware Options

Here, a short list of companies selling handheld devices for a variety of school-based tasks.

But Wait, There's More

Other student information system providers that offer PDA support, and have been covered in the pages of Technology & Learning, include:

To see a comprehensive list of SIS companies,

Sheetal Singh is copy editor of Technology & Learning.

T&L Classics

The following are from Technology & Learning's archived content.

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Productivity Apps for Admins

The following products represent just some of the many handheld software offerings that help busy educators manage their day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Create and share multiple documents with BeamBooks from Applied Thought. ( The program uses the beam function of handheld devices to synchronize shared documents.

Wirelessly print appointments, addresses, or memos directly from your handheld with Bachmann Software's ( PrintBoy. The print utility is compatible with a variety of third-party programs in addition to native Palm OS applications.

Documents to Go Premium Edition from Dataviz ( provides access to Microsoft Office files from a handheld computer. View pictures and PDF files, and create charts.

From Handmark (, WordSmith Pro synchronizes with Microsoft Word so documents can be transferred between desktop and handheld with formatting intact. The newest version includes a spell checker and thesaurus.

Presenter-to-Go from MARGI ( allows users to generate presentation slides from PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Acrobat, and other printable applications. An included cable connects the handheld directly to a projector or VGA device.

PalmPrint from Stevens Creek Software ( offers the ability to print from Palm OS and third-party applications via infrared, serial, or parallel ports.

Create digital "sticky notes" on your handheld with TealNotes from TealPoint Software ( Add drawings, sketches, and freehand notes into any application.

Excerpted and adapted from "Software for Handhelds," by Michelle Thatcher, Technology & Learning, April 2003.

Bill Burrall's Ten Time Saving Tools

Today's technologies make it possible for educators to maximize productivity and multitask to the extreme. Below, one busy technology coordinator's favorites.

Remote Access Software

GoToMyPC from Expertcity ( gives me unlimited access to my computer from any Web browser, enabling me to securely view, edit, and transfer files, access e-mail, execute programs, and use network resources from any location in the world. GoToMyPC is a subscription-based service that costs $19.95 a month or $179.40 per year. Volume discounts are available. Similar services to consider are PC Anywhere ( and NetOp Remote Control v7.6 (

Business Card Scanners

Business cards from workplace contacts have a tendency to build up to unmanageable numbers over time. Corex CardScan ( allows me to scan all my cards and import them to a database on my PC. The Corex CardScan Executive 600, which includes a color business card scanner plus one CardScan Version 6 Software license, costs $249. An option for six Version 6 software licenses sells for $349. Similar products are IRIS Business Card Reader ( and BizCardReader (

Additional tools include the following:

  • Seiko Smart Label Printer
  • palmOne Zire 71
  • ELMO HD-80XG Document Camera
  • Iomega Micro Mini drive
  • AB Tutor Control

Excerpted and adapted from "Ten Time-Saving Tools," by Bill Burrall, Technology & Learning, March 2004.