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More Data on Data

* 90% of respondents believe that data will be the primary driver of whatteachers teach, how they teach, and to whom they teach within the next 4years.
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* 90% of respondents believe that data will be the primary driver of what teachers teach, how they teach, and to whom they teach within the next 4 years.

* 60% of the respondents believe that district-level support is “not enough” in all areas of data use.

* Only 36% of respondents believe that over 60% of their teachers are actively using data to drive instruction.

* District-level administrators and principals believe that only 16% of teachers are proficient in the use of data.

* Only 5% of administrators find program-based tests provided with textbooks to be “very useful.”

SOURCE: Step Back , Leap Forward Report : A 2012-2013 Data-Driven Instruction Survey from LinkIt! (



Why Data?

Tip: Data is all around us. Teachers and administrators are overwhelmed with data. Why do we need data? Will data help us become better teachers and improve student learning? If we use a variety of sources, data: confirms what problems students or teachers are having. changes how and what we teach. validates what

Data-Driven Instruction Survey Released

LinkIt!, the K-12 education technology, assessment and data-management company, announced today the results from its “Step Back, Leap Forward Report: A 2012-2013 Data-Driven Instruction Survey,” a nationwide survey

Data: Mining with a Mission

For some districts, the current obsession with data grows out of the need to comply with No Child Left Behind and additional accountability-related mandates. For others, it dates way back before the phrase "data-driven decision making" rolled so frequently off the tongues of educators. In either case, there is no

The Right Data at the Right Time promo image

The Right Data at the Right Time

At the 2009 National School Boards Association technology and learning conference in Denver this month, school leaders will have the chance to learn how to use data to improve teaching and learning for children.

Motivate with PowerPoint and Data

Tip: Microsoft's PowerPoint can really motivate student creativity when they use primary data and photographs or drawings to illustrate a topic. This works best where students are asked to form an opinion on a controversial topic. For example they can explore the positions of presidential candidates on a topic

Collecting and Compiling Data

Tip: Teachers may not know what data to collect to help improve their teaching practice. They are inundated with student data, graduation and dropout rates, etc. They will also need other data relating to how they teach and learn to help them improve their teaching practice. As a professional developer, you can

Data-driven teachers by Dr. Scott McLeod

Data driven decision making (DDDM) is a system of teaching and management practices that gets better information about students into the hands of classroom teachers.  The five major elements are •    good baseline data •    measurable instructional goals •    frequent

IBM helps Alabama schools mine student data more efficiently

IBM announced its partnership with Mobile County Public Schools (AL) to help teachers, administrators, principals and guidance counselors mine student data more efficiently. MCPSS is Alabama’s largest school district, with over 63,000 students in 95 schools. MCPSS previously struggled with