Muse by Interaxon Offers New Meditation Headband

Woman wearing Muse 2 meditation headband uses touchphone.

Muse by Interaxon, creator of the Muse brain sensing headband, is at CES 2019 (booth 43337) with its newest product, Muse 2. This new device is a personal meditation assistant that is designed to provide real-time feedback on brain activity, body movement, breathing patterns and heart rate during meditation.

Muse 2 uses built-in biosignal, inertial, and heart sensors to create real-time audio experiences in four key areas to help users find focused calm, improve posture, and increase breath and heart awareness. With the companion app, Muse 2 translates meditators' internal states into immersive soundscapes to provide subtle guidance during meditation. 

The Muse Mind Experience, included in Muse 2, translates a user's mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather. In the Body experience, Muse 2 measures stillness through motion tracking. Postural shifts and fidgeting cause shimmers of real-time audio feedback in the form of beautiful wind chimes to guide users back to a place of restful stillness and physical relaxation. Muse 2's Breath experience is designed to combine measures of a user's heartbeat, body movement, and breathing to help guide them through a variety of energizing breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. The Muse 2 Heart experience is designed to turn the real-time beats of a user's heart into a rhythmic, soothing drumbeat, to help meditators tune into their internal state and experience their mind-body connection in a powerful way.

Muse 2 uses machine learning with each user's unique brain activity, body movements, breathing patterns and heart rhythms, to adapt experiences and deliver personalized results.  Updates to the Muse 2 experiences arriving after launch will support combined experiences and a multifaceted meditation practice. This past July, Muse announced the acquisition of Meditation Studio, a top-rated and award-winning app offering more than 500 guided meditations.

Muse 2 is now available for $249.