National Center for International Schools Adopts Vivotek Security Camera Technology

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The National Center for International Schools (NCIS) houses both the Chinese American International School and French American International School in San Francisco. Both of these pre-K-12 schools pride themselves on rigorous academic training, combined with cultural awareness and investigation. 

The Chinese American International School, founded in 1981, and the French American International School, founded in 1962, joined in an educational and bond-generating venture known as the National Center for International Schools in 1994 and purchased the former Caltrans building located in the middle of San Francisco at 150 Oak Street. 

After considerable remodeling and upgrades to the building, the two schools now share a campus.

With security concerns in and around the perimeter of the school becoming evident, the NCIS launched a project to update and improve visual monitoring of the overall campus. NCIS’s overall video surveillance now includes a variety of VIVOTEK solutions including FD8361, FD8362, FD8363, FD8377-HTV, FD8372, FD836BA-HTV, FD9381-HTV, FD816CA- HF2, MA9321-EHTV, MA8391-ETV, MS9390-HV and MS9321- EHV. 

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For special circumstances and requirements for the exterior of the campus, NCIS’s new video surveillance system features five VIVOTEK network cameras, including two multiple sensor adjustable cameras, the MA9321-EHTV for the exterior corners of the main building, a FD9381-HTV for the main building rooftop, and two multiple sensor cameras, MS9390-HV for the exterior low-height on property lines. NCIS chose the MA9321-EHTV for the camera’s desired high resolution and 360 degree coverage of property, street frontages, and street intersections/crosswalks. By having each sensor independent of each other, the MA9321-EHTV views four different regions simultaneously, therefore reducing the total number of cameras needed for surveillance. 

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NCIS chose the 5-megapixel H.265 fixed dome, the FD9381-HTV for the desired high resolution coverage of a 13,000-square-foot playground across the street from one of the installed cameras. 

School playground

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VIVOTEK's FD9381-HTV professional H.265 high-efficiency outdoor dome network camera offers NCIS with 30 fps at 5MP, or 60 fps at 1080p. By employing H.265 technology, the camera is able to provide higher and more efficient image compression rates than previous H.264 systems. In addition, the FD9381-HTV employs VIVOTEK's Smart Stream III technology and H.265 compression codec, reducing bandwidth more than 90 percent while still maintaining image quality compared to traditional H.264 without Smart Streaming technology. 

Exterior security camera captures tree collapse in parking lot.

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Lastly, NCIS chose the multiple sensor camera, the MS9390-HV, for the camera’s 180 degree coverage of building frontages and sidewalks in a constrained-space location, without requiring twice the number of cameras. The 8-megapixel 180 degree MS9390-HV uses two wide angle lenses, electronic image stitching, and high resolution sensors. With its dual-sensor design, the MS9390-HV can maintain a higher vertical field of view (FOV), allowing NCIS to capture more evidence below the point of camera installation. The MS9390-HV goes even further with WDR Pro technology for high contrast environments, 30fps at full resolution, and 180 degree IR illuminators up to 20 meters, ensuring NCIS with 24/7 comprehensive panoramic video surveillance.

“Clear video from VIVOTEK’s cameras have been of great assistance to NCIS and the San Francisco Police Department in the course of investigating a wide variety of security and safety incidents, including some criminal activity,” said Daniel Klingebiel, NCIS Executive Director. "We have worked with various brands of IP cameras. Ultimately, we have standardized on and now only use VIVOTEK cameras due to their superior quality, standardized configuration, and ease-of-installation.”