Nearpod Launches New Desmos Integration and Hundreds of K-12 Lessons

nearpod logo, blue

Nearpod today announces the release of new platform features and enhanced curriculum offerings made in partnership with Desmos, Common Sense Education and other partners. With these additions, teachers can now access over 7,000 lessons that complement core content areas and expand the ways that supplemental curriculum, including College & Career Readiness and Digital Citizenship & Literacy, align to state and district initiatives. 

Desmos is an interactive tool with over 100 interactive graphs for multiple categories.

In addition to new math content, the company is adding new virtual reality (VR) Career Tours to its library of VR college tours. 

Nearpod has also added support for additional timed formative assessments and boosted classroom size support for its free offering. Teachers can now use the new timer feature on polls, quizzes and open-ended question activities. With increased classroom size support, silver edition users can now engage up to 40 students in a single session.  

Beginning February 2019, Nearpod’s content offering will include:

  • 25 Nearpod math lessons that incorporate Desmos for grades 6-12
  • 18 new Common Sense digital citizenship lessons for grades 3-5
  • VR Career Tours for 16 career pathways
  • 200 Cricket ELA lessons featuring leveled texts for grades K-5
  • 18 lessons from Participate on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals for grades 6-12

Nearpod was recently named EdTech Digest’s Company of the Year 2018. The platform integrates with popular learning management systems like Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, and productivity apps like Google Classroom, Apple Schoolwork, and Adobe. 

To explore the full Winter Release, register to access the live webinar recording.