New K/20 Leadership Today Newsletter Helps Educators Navigate Difficult Times

K/20 Leadership Today newsletter

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Tech & Learning and  Dr. Kecia Ray’s K20Connect have partnered to create the K/20 Leadership Today newsletter, a free weekly resource for education leaders in K-12 and higher education. 

“It’s an honor to partner with Dr. Kecia Ray, one of the leading innovators in education, to bring our readers the latest curated news and research to help them navigate the ever-evolving culture of education,” says Christine Weiser, content and brand director of Tech & Learning. 

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K/20 Leadership Today reaches subscribers each Tuesday and features weekly insights about educational leadership from Dr. Kecia Ray, who is recognized as a top influencer in education and an award-winning leader of transformation in urban districts.

“Are you leading a district, university, school, or a division or department in an education organization? Then this newsletter is for you,” Ray says. “Ripe with current research and up-to-date information, it provides a quick summary of key information for you each week.” 

In addition to discussion of current trends at schools and universities, each issue features the latest stories published by Tech & Learning and K20Connect. 

Tech & Learning is a leading resource for innovation in education that draws more than 2 million visitors annually to its site and hundreds to professional development conferences around the country. K20Connect is a network of independent consultants who are proven leaders in the education market. The partnership between these organizations for the newsletter provides an exciting opportunity for education leaders.

“It is our goal with the K/20 Leadership Today newsletter to ensure our readers never miss out on the trends, insights, and developments that will help them stay ahead,” Weiser says. 

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