New STEM Program Announced

In partnership with Learning Undefeated and Discovery Education, AstraZeneca announced today the launch of a new STEM program to inspire the next generation about science and to build a strong foundation for tomorrow’s researchers. 

The three-year signature initiative is designed to make learning about health and disease engaging, accessible, and exciting for students in grades 6–8, primarily in under-resourced schools across the country. Generation Health: How Science Powers Us will provide hands-on, standards-aligned STEM learning activities that enable students to investigate both preventative measures and innovative solutions to key health concerns in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease.  

Generation Health provides a suite of educational resources, including Learning Undefeated’s Drop Anywhere Labs—custom-outfitted STEM learning spaces built from modified shipping containers. These light, easy-to-access, and inexpensive labs provide a range of career and skills education for middle-school students, as well as flexible in-classroom resources that empower teachers and enable them to serve up to four classes simultaneously. Visit to find free digital lessons, videos, activities, and more.