New Teacher Research Reveals AI Ethics Worries

Photo illustration: Computer chip superimposed over robotic-looking male head
(Image credit: iStock/Zapp2Photo)

New research released by Bett reveals teachers are concerned about the negative impact of artificial intelligence in the classroom. 

To open up the conversation around this important topic, Bett will be discussing this research live on Twitter as part of their #BettTalks series, with contributors from across the AI and education sectors. 

The research, which surveyed over 5,000 UK teachers, revealed that 87% of teachers are worried that the increasing amount of access children have to digital devices in schools to facilitate greater use of AI could have a negative impact on their friendships and social skills. These concerns are higher for older teachers, with those aged 50+ most concerned (45% very worried) compared to 33% of those in their 20s being very worried. 

The same research went on to ask teachers about the impact they feel AI will have on plagiarism. Over a quarter of respondents (27%) feel that AI will make plagiarism easier to spot but almost a third (32%) feel that it will be harder to pick up, highlighting a degree of division.