New Updates to CoderZ Learning Environment Announced

Intelitek recently made several significant updates to CoderZ, its online learning environment where students in grades 5-12 learn STEM by coding real and virtual 3D robots.

The company recently launched these enhancements:

Cyber Robotics 101

Cyber Robotics 101 requires 10-15 hours of lesson time. The curriculum is aligned around more than 50 training missions divided into 9 sessions. Teachers will have access to a guide, which includes links to presentations, useful pacing tips, YouTube tutorials and more for each session. 

Smart Blocks

Smart Blocks is a new feature that allows users to create functions/subroutines using a Blockly visual code editor.  Once users have written the code for a Smart Block, it is always available in the Smart Block menu for future use.

Heatmap for Progress Tracking

With the new heatmap tool, teachers can now obtain visual displays of class and student-specific progress. Color blocks beside each student name indicate whether that student scored above or below the class average, couldn’t complete a particular mission or skipped a mission altogether. 

Admin Accounts

This feature allows for centralized administration of CoderZ, with one person assigning accounts to teachers and students as well as tracking the total number classes using the platform, the number of accounts, student scores and active student status. 

Learning Center

The learning center will be an organizational tool that bundles training missions into mission packs. 

Robot Arm Training Mission (to be released December 15)

In this new training mission, students will add to and refine their knowledge base of robotics programming by making the virtual robot’s arm perform tasks. The mission will also incorporate two new types of interactions – pulling and pushing boxes and flipping a switch. In addition to being included in the regular CoderZ curriculum, the arm mission will be in an expansion pack for the crash course.