November 2013, What’s New

November 2013, What’s New


Axel’s Chain Reaction

Axel’s Chain Reaction is a storybook app, aimed at 1st and 2nd graders, that focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in elementary school. The story touches upon important life skills like planning, lateral thinking, and turning around negative situations. The app includes open-ended games for creative play, as well as a hands-on activities section with step-by-step instructions for kids to make their own kinetic sculptures.


The new Chronicle iPad app allows teachers to compile qualitative and quantitative data to measure student growth. Teachers can track student progress and collect data using the functionalities of the iPad, such as text, photo, video, and audio. The app can import Common Core standards or other pertinent standards to ensure instructional alignment.


Created by a mom of three, MeeGenius is an app that uses word highlighting, optional reading narration, and illustrators to boost reading skills. The MeeGenius library works across most phones, tablets, and computers and offers hundreds of books, ranging from classic fairy tales to independent titles.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere Application

Motorola Solutions introduces the MOTOTRBO Anywhere app, designed to connect school staff in times of safety concerns. MOTOTRBO Anywhere uses the digital wire line interface on the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Gateway to deliver radio-like features over an IP network. Schools can set up “talkgroups” to connect users, and every external user can be configured with a unique profile as necessary.

software & online


ExamSoft has announced AssessmentTA, a combination of easyto- use software and dedicated services that streamlines the creation and delivery of exams and enables teachers to track and measure performance across learning objectives with robust reporting capabilities. AssessmentTA, available for free to teachers and institutions, enables users to tag questions to various learning objectives, which are stored in a database so they can be tracked across an exam or course. Exams can be delivered securely on iPads and laptops without a trail of paperwork or an Internet connection (Scantron).

Autodesk Design the Future Program
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Autodesk, the 3D design software company, launched its newest educational initiative: Design the Future. This new program will grant all secondary schools in California free access to some of Autodesk’s latest design software as well as supporting curricula, training, and certification programs.
( is a mobile collaboration platform that provides a unified document sharing and task management environment. The platform can be integrated with cloud services from Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud. Each collaboration action—from creating a room, to inviting a team member, to sharing a file stored in a third-party cloud service—can be accomplished with just a few taps in the platform’s mobile apps. Collaborate. com is free for teams of up to five and is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Collections 2015

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has introduced Collections 2015, an English language arts program for students in grades 6-12. Developed in HTML5, Collections is a browser-based program and fully optimized for iOS and Android-powered tablets. It also includes download options for offline support. Built to meet the expectations of the Common Core state standards (CCSS), Collections is organized into six thematic groups of multi-genre, complex texts that provide a foundation in all aspects of Common Core instruction.

ConceptDraw Office Suite

ConceptDraw’s Office Suite for Mac and PC offers educators a flexible platform for creating mind maps, diagrams, and flow charts to present ideas. Mind Mapping software benefits both students and educators by presenting information in idea-based maps, linking concepts, and helping students sort information based on relevance, not just chronological order. Students also benefit by taking notes in idea-based mind maps and charts rather than traditional linear notes.

Edgenuity Instructional Services

Edgenuity now offers an enhanced set of instructional service offerings that help schools and districts use online and blended learning through a variety of programs and settings. Schools get access to state-certified, virtual instructors who serve as the teachers for a group of students. The instructors proactively communicate with students, parents, and classroom facilitators through email, chat, text, and phone.

Edmentum CTE Courses

Edmentum has introduced eight new Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, available for the Plato Courseware online curriculum. All courses are accessible on mobile devices and feature interactive, video-rich content. Educators can customize the Plato Courseware CTE offerings, which are available for middle school, high school, and post-secondary levels. The courses can be implemented in a lab setting, in a virtual experience, or through a blended learning environment.


GameDesk, with support from AT&T, has created Educade, an interactive teaching portal that provides free lesson plans paired with interactive teaching tools. Every lesson plan is aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation standards for English language arts, math, and science. Teachers and parents can search by grade level, subject matter, device type, and technology level. Other education professionals can also add original content to the site and engage in conversation with the community of users.

Global Gateway Badging

VIF International Education has launched a digital badging system for Global Gateway, VIF’s integrated online program of professional development, classroom resources, and collaborative community for educators. Global Gateway builds on a professional development sequence that uses a project-based inquiry model to train teachers to infuse global perspectives, critical thinking, innovation, and technology into their classroom instruction. Participants complete online training modules each year as part of a professional learning progression, culminating in a global-ready badge to show their progress toward designation as global educators.

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment Program (GLOBE) has introduced, offering free resources for earth and science educators. GLOBE is an international science and education program that connects a network of teachers, students, and scientists to better understand, sustain, and improve Earth’s environment at various scales. The program receives funding from NASA, NOAA, and NSF, and covers a variety of earth system science study areas including atmosphere, hydrology, soils, land cover, and phenology.

Jupiter iO

Jupiter Ed has introduced Jupiter iO, an all-in-one cloud solution that encompasses the company’s existing product line. Jupiter iO integrates the student information system, learning management system, gradebook, and data analytics for K-12 schools.

LanSchool Lite Plus

Aruba Networks and Stoneware have teamed up to deliver new levels of classroom control and student interaction for classroom Wi-Fi via LanSchool Lite Plus. LanSchool Lite Plus is a new version of Stoneware’s LanSchool classroom management and monitoring tool that has been specifically designed for Aruba Networks. The tool gives teachers a dashboard to monitor up to 3,000 students in one view, ensuring that students use their mobile devices effectively and appropriately. The new LanSchool Lite Plus for Aruba customers enables Internet co-browsing and the ability to turn Web access on or off.

LearnBIG has launched a new Website that provides access to thousands of online educational resources. provides an easy way to search and filter content by subject, level, platform, and popularity. The software is available for Pre-K, K-12, college, and lifelong learners. A core feature of the site is LearnBIG’s Career Paths, which are ideal for guiding high school students to future careers.


LEGO Education has released a new version of the EV3 software, v1.01, which fixes a number of reported bugs. The EV3 platform is based on robotics technology, enabling users to control the EV3 Robot. The software makes it easy for students to design, build, and program their own robot.

Lexia Strategies for Older Students for the iPad

Lexia Learning now offers Lexia Strategies for Older Students, as part of the latest version of the Lexia Reading iPad app. The app provides multisensory learning for remedial students in grades 6 and above, helping them develop their foundational reading skills through an age-appropriate interface. When students first log in to the Lexia Reading app, they are automatically placed at the proper level and work at their own pace.

McGraw-Hill Reading WonderWorks

McGraw-Hill Education just launched McGraw- Hill Reading WonderWorks, a digital intervention program that is a companion to Reading Wonders, the Common Core state standards-based English language arts program. The program supports the core instruction that occurs in the Reading Wonders classroom, while offering flexible options and support for students with varying intervention needs.

NEC DisplayNote

NEC Display Solutions has introduced their NEC DisplayNote Software, a tool that lets educators and students present and share content, and collaborates across any device and platform. Users can annotate, underline, highlight, and add notes to a presentation. They also can send private messages to participants, build work groups, make any participant a presenter, and view a participant’s screen.

Readiness for Common Core

Triumph Learning has partnered with NWEA to deliver targeted and personalized instruction and practice. Using results from the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) from NWEA, educators can assign differentiated content in Triumph Learning’s Web-based Readiness for Common Core program, targeting areas of academic weaknesses and strengths based on assessment data. The online content in Readiness for Common Core offers instructions, lessons, and practice on an individualized level. Program tools support Common Core adoption, including resources for those teachers who are in the early stages of transition.

Scientific Learning has launched ReadingAssistant. com, a new Web site that provides teachers and school principals with an array of resources focused on reading fluency and comprehension. The site supports Reading Assistant, an online tool that uses speech recognition to correct and support students as they read aloud, which helps them build fluency and comprehension. also offers sample reading selections and comprehension questions, results, and reports, as well as lessons from the Reading Assistant Teacher’s Guide.


ReadWorks, a national non-profit, offers a Common Core-aligned program for grades K-6 that supports reading comprehension. Teachers get access to over 1,000 Lexile-leveled, non-fiction passages with research-based question sets. All passages are built as stand-alone curricular pieces that reinforce essential skills and strategies for vocabulary learning.


SMART Technologies announces SMART amp collaborative learning software, a cloud-based solution that allows for a seamless transition between learning environments. It is accessible from virtually any Internet-enabled device and eliminates deployment costs associated with operating, upgrading, or supporting numerous proprietary operating systems. The software also helps teachers ensure that students have a consistent collaborative learning experience no matter what SMART Board systems, PCs, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices are available to them.

Steck-Vaughn Test Preparation for the 2014 GED Test

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has launched a new test preparation tool to support adult learners as they study for the new GED test series. Built upon curriculum developed by Paxen Learning, the materials reflect the 2014 GED series and correlate with Common Core state standards. With digital courses available via HMH’s online learning platform, students can practice in an environment that mirrors the new computer-based test.


TenMarks Education has added over 20,000 new questions to its Web-based adaptive math program for grades K-12. TenMarks Math fully addresses the eight mathematical practice standards students are expected to master as part of the Common Core state standards. The program is free for teachers to use for practice and instruction, with an available premium version that provides diagnostic assessments at the grade and standard levels.


Califone International, Inc. ( has introduced a USB microphone, which connects to a USB port to provide high-quality voice amplification through a computer’s built-in or connected external speakers. The new handheld microphone delivers crisp, clear audio, and enables voice amplification in classrooms and a variety of presentation settings. Students can use the microphone for call-and-response activities, while educators can incorporate the device into everyday classroom instruction.

InFocus ( has launched the new 70” Mondopad and BigTouch all-in-one touchscreen PC. The new devices are 62% larger than the previous 55” versions. The Mondopad provides a full suite of presentation tools and comes fully equipped for network communication. It comes with adjustable speakers that may be mounted to the side or bottom of the device, as well as a high-definition camera and high-speed network connections. The BigTouch is a Windows 8-powered touchscreen PC that can run any existing Windows software. The new 70” model allows users to take advantage of Windows 8’s dual-screen capability, which can run two applications side-by-side for a more streamlined interface.

ELMO USA ( has introduced the BOXi T-350, a portable HD video projector designed for popular consumer applications, including viewing TV, movies, photos, and video games. The 300-lumen DLP projector, with a footprint smaller than 6” square, produces sharp, bright, high-contrast images as large as 68” diagonally. The BOXi T-350 features a single HDMI connection for video sources and a mini-stereo output jack for sending sound through an audio system, speakers, or headphones. A full-function IR remote control is also included.

Epson ( has introduced the new DC-12 document camera, featuring HD image quality and HDMI connectivity to deliver sharp text and bright, colorful images. The camera offers picturein- picture functionality, which allows students to view original and zoomed-in images simultaneously. The DC-12 also includes a built-in microphone for audio recording with video.

Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. ( has released its T-series line of mobile projectors. The TW21U and TX20U are cloud projectors that contain a built-in, thin-client function. Users can display content directly from their servers through the projector. The TW21U and TX20U offer 3500 lumens, while the TW11U and TX10U (pictured) offer 3000 lumens. The TW21U and TX20U offer a 16-watt speaker, whereas the TW11U and TX10U have a 10-watt speaker. With the audio pass-through function, teachers can add commentary over a video or television show. The speaker works even when the projector is turned off, so there is no need for the additional cost of a sound system.

Kensington ( has announced new Android OS compatibility for its Proximo App-Enabled range of accessories. Proximo helps users find their phones, keys, or other valuables. Accessories are now available for the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Kensington has also introduced the Portafolio Soft Case and Virtuoso Stylus collections, designed to keep the iPad mini protected from daily wear and tear.

The Troxell 1:1 Learning Suite ( provides solutions for each element of a 1:1 program, including mobile devices, mobile peripherals and accessories, mobile device management, learning management system, content filtering, collaboration software, configuration services, wireless network infrastructure, curriculum and content, and leasing. For instance, schools can lease Chromebooks or purchase a bundled solution of education software. The company has also introduced an affordable mix of 1:1 mobile peripherals and accessories, combining product lines like Anthro, Bretford, Califone, and Aver.

NewTek ( has released the next generation of its TriCaster multi-camera production systems, introducing three new models—the 860, 460, and 410—and major enhancements to the TriCaster 8000. All systems now offer four or eight full mix/effects (M/E) channels, expanding the system’s switching performance. Additional enhancements that are now standard across the entire product line include advanced virtual sets with new camera motion controls, new “holographic” virtual sets that blend panoramic images with layered and composited video, broad media publishing functions for simultaneous multi-channel content delivery, and extensive macro and automation functions.

ViewSonic ( has introduced the VG2039m-LED to its VG39 series of ergonomic displays. The 20” (19.5” visible) VG2039m-LED widescreen display delivers 37% more pixels and 10% more viewing area and higher levels of detail.