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Partnership offers captioned lectures

Automatic Sync Technologies (AST ) today announced a partnership with Tegrity , the campus-wide lecture capture service and a division of McGraw Hill Higher Education.
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Automatic Sync Technologies (AST  ) today announced a partnership with Tegrity  , the campus-wide lecture capture service and a division of McGraw Hill Higher Education. AST’s CaptionSync™ technology now supports Tegrity Campus, providing a fully-automated service for instructors that delivers time-coded, synchronized captions for lectures or supplementary course content recorded with Tegrity.

Compatible with Tegrity’s Search Anything™ technology, the captions are searchable by students across a single course, or all enrolled courses. As students review the captions, Tegrity enables them to create their own bookmarks, notes and annotations that are associated with the captioned content.

The combined CaptionSync and Tegrity solutions automate the process of captioning class recordings, helping institutions comply with accessibility legislation  for deaf and hard of hearing students while also empowering video search for all students.



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