Pitsco Education Launches K-12 Coding Solutions

Pitsco Education today announced the launch of a line of new hands-on coding solutions for K-12 classrooms. The new coding and robotics program is presented in partnership with UBTECH Education, Arduino Education, KUBO Robotics, Shape Robotics, and Microduino.

Pitsco Education now provides:

  • UKITs from UBTECH Education – UKITs, for three skill levels, Grades 3-12, provide a building system that easily snaps together to form structures and robots to be used with free app-based NGSS-aligned activities
  • Starter Kit Classroom Pack, Science Kit Physics Lab, CTC Go! Core Module, CTC 101 Kit, and Engineering Kit from Arduino Education – These hands-on kits offer options for multiple grade levels and skill levels through a series of projects and curriculum to learn the basics of coding, electronics, circuitry, and mechatronics
  • KUBO Coding and Coding+ Sets from KUBO Robotics – The TagTile system introduces the concepts of coding in a hands-on, screen-free way
  • Fable Robot from Shape Robotics – Fable is a modular construction set students in Grades 6-12 can use to create their own robot in minutes; it can be coded using Blockly, a visual programming language, or Python®, a text-based language.
  • STEM MIX Kits Series 1-4 from Microduino – These kits progressively teach students in Grades 4-9 about electronic circuitry, coding, and product design