Product Review: Mentor Mob - Tech Learning

Product Review: Mentor Mob

Districts K-12 are using MM as way to engage students and help guide their learning by building playlists.
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Retail Price:Public restricted use – free

MentorMob University for educators (Basic $7 month, Plus $12 month, Pro $24 month, Institution $300 on up)

MentorMob is an ideal site to use in an educational setting and can be used by any educator. Districts K-12 are using MM as way to engage students and help guide their learning by building playlists. These playlists can contain static web pages, videos, images, and text to help teach a subject or concept.

Ease of Use: MentorMob is very easy to useand playlists can be created either by a click of a button or by browser extensions. Educators can save and even collaborate on other playlists. Playlists take a learner through a topic step-by-step at their own pace. Also, there are tutorials such as videos, PDF’s and even a playlist to help an educator get started.

Creative Use: This is where MentorMob really shines. There are a lot of sites that let a user curate the web, however there is not one other that lets a person take a site and edit it and turn it into a lesson. Also, MM has a polished look that is easy to navigate and help the user reach their desired goal, whether that’s through searching for a playlist or the creation of their own.

Sustainability for Use in a School Environment: MentorMob is ideal for education, especially for those teachers looking to “flip” their classroom. Playlists let educators guide student’s learning, but at their own pace. Educator accounts can also make their playlists public or private, ideal for a school setting. Best of all, MentorMob is a website that can be accessed from anywhere so no software needs to be downloaded and playlists can be saved for future access.

Overall Rating: MentorMob is a fascinating new website that is keeping up to date with the latest trends in education, such as: Flipped, Guided, and Engaged Learning. It is a very easy to use site that can be used by any educator for any grade level on any subject.

Top Features

1.Seamless Integration – can be used by any educator, any grade level, any subject

2. Web based – no software or type of computer needed, just an internet connection

3.Innovation – lets users curate their favorite sites or web content into interactive lessons

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at



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