Put to the Test: Samsung UF-130DX Digital Presenter

Put to the Test: Samsung UF-130DX Digital Presenter

The Samsung UF-130DX Digital Presenter has 720i high definition wide screen document camera with windows CE built in. In a science class, a teacher could display a sample of an organism then using the PIP feature of this equipment pull up a web page that display information on that organism. The same could be done in a social studies class an artifact could be displayed and the Web site on that artifact could be displayed with it. Using the drawing tools the instructor can easily place notations on an image that is being displayed.

Pros: The clarity of images produce by this system is fantastic. You can output to two different displays at the same time, you can to pip (picture-in-picture) displays. The system has three USB inputs it can be controlled from a standard keyboard, the controls on the unit or from a remote. The unit comes with built in drawing tool software.

Cons: Would be nice if the unit had full windows rather than CE, the cost may be a little high for some k12 schools With all the additional features that unit has it requires that the instructor spend some time practicing with the unit before they use it with a class. Other than that there should be no problems with this unit.

Overall Impression: If I had the choice and money were not a question this is by far the best document camera on the market. All the additional features in the piece of equipment in the hands of a trained instructor would make it invaluable in today’s digital classroom, and a must have for any 21sr century educator.

Retail Price: $2,600.00 - $2,999.00

-- Joe Huber

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