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Quest Solution to Install AI-Based Security System at South Florida School

Quest Solution, Inc.  has announced that it has been selected to install an AI-based safety and security system on the campus of a Pre-K–12 preparatory School in South Florida. For safety reasons the name of the school is not disclosed.

The Quest Safe School System is based on technology from Quest’s recently acquired subsidiary HTS Image Processing and offers real-time, automated vehicle recognition via machine vision. In a school setting, the system is hosted on a cloud-based platform integrated with campus intelligence, tracking vehicles, students, staff, deliveries and campus visitors. The Safe School System has whitelist and blacklist capabilities to immediately identify vehicles upon arrival, allowing the admittance of authorized cars or a real-time alarm for any unauthorized and/or suspicious vehicle.

The Safe School System can interface with government based databases to detect and provide real-time alerts on threats to the school campus including:

  • Potential shooter threats
  • Enforcement of restraining orders
  • Attempted access by registered sex offenders
  • Terror threats
  • Criminal activities such as stolen vehicles, burglary and gang activity