QuickTime for Windows Persistent Disk Error

Question: I have repeatedly reinstalled the free QuickTime player for Windows on my computer, but keep getting an error about not having a disk in the disk drive. How can I fix this?

The IT Guy says:
Even when you uninstall QuickTime player, some of the registry entries on your computer for QuickTime remain. This is likely the source of your problem. If you are not familiar with making changes to your computer’s registry, you should not attempt this fix and should leave this to your district’s IT department.

First, uninstall your current version of QuickTime player using Add/Remove programs from the Control Panel.

Next in Windows XP, open the registry editor by choosing START – RUN and typing “regeditâ€, then press enter. Browse to your registry keys for QuickTime. These should be under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Apple Computer, Inc., QuickTime. Delete all the keys that remain on your system.

Finally, reinstall QuickTime player. This should remove your persistent disk error message.