ReadyAI Launches AI-in-a-Box™, K12 AI Curriculum

Components of AI-in-a-box: robot, tablet, controller

ReadyAI has announced the launch of AI-in-a-Box, a comprehensive AI education solution for K12 teachers and students. 

Designed for users of all experience levels and abilities, each box provides everything that teachers need to instruct students on how to apply the key concepts of AI to real-world problems – including the curriculum, hardware, and software. The curriculum teaches six key concepts of AI, including visual recognition, facial recognition, object manipulation, landmark-based navigation, speech generation, speech recognition.

AI-in-a-Box includes everything a teacher needs to get started, including formal teacher training. One AI-in-a-Box enables up to 15 students to be engaged at once, and can be used to teach up to 1,000 students in a single school year. AI-in-a-Box includes:

  • 3 Cozmo robots by Anki
  • 3 Fire 7 Tablets
  • 3 Xbox One Controllers
  • 3 Laptops with preloaded software
  • 3 pre-installed Calypso licenses
  • Up to 15 ReadyAI Passports for teachers and students to us as a repository for their AI projects
  • 15 ReadyAI Badge Stickers for student AI Passports
  • 3 sets of flashcards
  • 1 Printed binded lesson plan and 1 Quick Start guide
  • 3 vouchers to participate in regional competitions that may lead to the World AI Competition for Youth (WAICY™)

To learn more about ReadyAI and AI-in-a-Box, visit