Reinstall Windows98

Question: I have a message about a missing DLL file and have been to download DLL sites and cannot find the one I need. It comes up everytime I turn on my computer. I am using Windows 98.

The IT Guy says:
You may opt to simply reinstall Windows98 from scratch, if you cannot locate the DLL file you are missing, replace it correctly, or have persistent DLL or other problems with your current installation.

An excellent and thorough step-by-step guide for reinstalling Windows98 is available on Windows 98SE. Note you will need to be using a computer with a functional CD-ROM drive, and have available your Windows98SE CD-Rom, and your Windows98SE installation code.

Microsoft global support for Windows98 has ended, as their page “Support Extended†indicates, so it is really in your best interests to upgrade your operating system to take advantage of new security patches which are being developed and released to address new computing threats. Realize that WindowsXP is not your only option as you look to operating system upgrade choices. Linux is viable for many settings. The site Linux in Education may provide helpful resources if Linux interests you. Macintosh OS X uses a Linux core and is also a viable alternative, especially attractive since there are virtually zero viruses, adware or spyware programs currently attacking Mac systems whereas there are thousands if not millions affecting Windows-based systems.

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