Resource language ID missing

Question: Every time I go into the control panel I get a message that says "The specific resource language ID cannot be found in the image file." The Avsmcpa.dll is missing. I recently removed McAfee Virus Scan from my PC and I understand that this is a file associated with it. I cannot find the Avsmcpa.dll anywhere. What can I do so I do not get this message everytime I open up the control panel.

The IT Guy says:
This problem is common after uninstalling McAfee. To resolve the problem, go to the START MENU, select FIND, then choose FOLDERS OR FILES. Type in the exact name "avsmcpa.cpl" and click FIND NOW. After finding the file, delete it by either right clicking and choosing delete, or clicking on it once, pressing the DELETE button, and confirming your decision. The control panel should now be accessible without this error.

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