Right to Copy?

  1. Have a clear policy and an effective way to communicate it.
  2. Make sure your training process is tiered and based on levels of understanding.
  3. Devise practical ways to tie copyright solutions to instruction.
  4. Consider district software licenses.
  5. Learn about other districts' best practices, adapt them to your district, and cite the source.
  6. Keep copyright training sessions engaging and relevant.
  7. Teach educators acceptable alternatives to copyright infringement.
  8. Help teachers design assignments that discourage students from engaging in plagiarism.
  9. Keep copyright rules broad and straightforward. Too much detail will be confusing and difficult to retain.
  10. Keep the training rigorous.
  11. Keep the teachers well supplied with resources so they don't need to plagiarize in order to teach.
  12. Appeal to teachers' sense of honor and fair play.