Save, Save, Save

Question: Is there any foolproof way to guarantee that the work I’ve been doing will not be lost, even if I forget the adage "Save Early and Save Often"? Sometimes I get so involved in the work that I forget to save what I’ve done.

The IT Guy says:
You don’t want to lose valuable data that you just entered but you say you forget to save as you write. There’s a method to help you to save Word files periodically as you are writing. Go to the Tools section on the main toolbar; click on the Options section and then the "Save" tab. Make sure the "Save AutoRecover Info" box is checked and pick a time interval, such as every 10 or 15 minutes. I also check "Allow Background Saves." These two will insure you save automatically even if you forget to do it. That way if the phone rings, or the power goes down you are not left with a blank screen. You'll also notice there is a password section and a read only selection to consider.

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