Skyward Introduces DistrictCheck, New SIS & ERP Self-Assessment

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(Image credit: Skyward)

Skyward announces a new SIS and ERP self-assessment, DistrictCheck. The new tool, developed in partnership with GreyEd Solutions, conducts an inventory of existing administrative software and processes by gathering feedback from technology users in the district and presenting their responses in a data-driven evaluation.

DistrictCheck helps school leaders collect feedback from stakeholders through a private URL, where anonymous responses are gathered. Once feedback is collected, the system organizes the data to give a detailed picture of how each district’s systems and processes are performing in six key areas.  

Administrators can see detailed reports by viewing how specific demographics responded to each key element. Responses can be separated by role, department, school location, and more. In addition, administrators can filter down into subcategories, which vary by each metric. For example, accountability can be segmented into areas such as compliance, infrastructure, leadership, and documentation to help school leaders identify specific opportunities for growth. 

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