Slow computer behavior, erratic mouse problems

Question: After 4-5 hours I have been getting erratic operation of my mouse, and yes I have cleaned inside rollers and ball with alcohol several times! Could temperature show with this erratic operation? I have extensively checked for viruses etc. I’ve also noticed slower keystrokes.

The IT Guy says:
Extremely hot or cold temperatures can definitely affect the performance of your computer and cause it to do strange things, but if your computer has been inside and in a normal temperature range this is probably not your problem.

Troubleshoot the mouse problem by shutting down your computer, borrowing another mouse from a different computer and plugging it in, and then starting up your computer. I would suspect that the sluggish behavior will persist, if the keyboard is also responding slowly then you probably have other problems.

The source of the problem may be spyware or adware. Use the add/remove programs control panel to remove all software programs that you do not use and need. Then use a tool like Adaware to scan and remove spyware and adware programs. Make sure your virus definitions are up to date and run a full virus scan of your hard drive as well. A variety of other spyware removal tools are also available, I have some additional suggestions listed on my First Aid Page. Also see PC Magazine’s "11 Signs of Spyware"

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