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Spring Break Activity Guidance - Help Students Thrive

Some districts are requiring teachers to give students work over their Spring Break.


But it doesn't have to be. 

Rather than carrying on with traditional schooling, take this time to find out each child's strengths using Thrively

What is Thrively?

Thrively gives every child a strength-based assessment that uncovers the student’s talents, interests, and abilities.  It also shows them via short videos the kind of lives and careers others have pursued who have similar strengths. Next, Thrively shows them how to pursue their interests via face-to-face and online activities, videos, experiences, and apps to inspire and challenge students- all personalized to their unique strengths. Finally, Thrively provides a digital portfolio for students to capture and share their accomplishments.  

Thrively screenshot with three tiles.

(Image credit: Thrively)

This video provides an overview of Thrively.

There is finally a free tool that enables us to know and grow every child’s genius. Not only that, you can help students learn in ways that are tied to their interests and strengths.

Another plus for teachers is that you can group together students who share strengths and learning styles to work collaboratively on projects of interest.  

Sound interesting? You, your child, or students can get started by visiting and joining, then take your free strength assessment.  

You can see mine here. Here is a snippet.

Thrively screenshot: Creative Thinker

(Image credit: Lisa Nielsen )

Here is what a teacher sees at a glance for each student.

Thrively screenshot: Student profile

(Image credit: Lisa Nielsen )

Check out Thrively now. Do your profile. Create your class. Have a look around. If you have contact information for your student’s families, reach out and have them start on their profile. You’ll know a lot about your students before the year starts. If you don’t, Thrively is the tool you should be using to start your year and drive your planning.  

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