Tech & Learning Launches New Site for Higher Education

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Tech & Learning University (Image credit: Future)

Keeping in the tradition of reporting excellence of Future brands like TechRadar (opens in new tab), PC Gamer (opens in new tab), and Tech & Learning (opens in new tab), Tech & Learning University (opens in new tab) covers the hottest topics in higher ed today from esports to cloud to data & security to give higher ed tech directors the information they need to support instruction through the meaningful use of technology.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of Tech & Learning University (opens in new tab),” says Tech & Learning’s Group Publisher Christine Weiser. “This new community of higher education tech professionals will offer the news, reviews, and insights they need to ensure their institutions remain on the cutting edge, to attract and retain students, and to support instruction through the meaningful use of technology.”

 The launch of Tech & Learning University (opens in new tab) ensures Future’s Education Group will remain the go-to resource for education technology news, reviews, and insights.

Margot Douaihy, PhD, editor at large, Education & AV, Future Plc

Margot Douaihy, PhD, editor at large, Education & AV, Future Plc (Image credit: Future)

 “It’s a time of dramatic change in higher ed,” said Margot Douaihy, PhD, editor at large, Education & AV, Future Plc. “Tech & Learning University will be a vital media ecosystem for higher education stakeholders—technologists, instructional designers, integrators, faculty, and staff—who want to learn, share, adopt innovative pedagogies, and transform their campuses. As college tuition increases and student enrollment fluctuates, smarter tools and strategies can help schools stay resilient.”

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