Tech & Learning Lunch ‘n Learns with Kecia Ray

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Since the pandemic hit schools in March 2020, Tech & Learning has hosted weekly Lunch ‘n Learn webinars with Kecia Ray. Since that time, school leaders have turned to this series to get crucial advice from their peers to help them navigate the challenges - and successes - school districts have experienced over this past year. Find more information about this series here

Below is just a sampling of the topics covered in this series:

  • Why Active Learning is More Crucial Than Ever:  Dr. Kecia Ray talked with a panel of experts about the research that confirms the efficacy of active learning in the areas of math, literacy, and social-emotional learning, and offered practical strategies that school leadership teams can put into place to make the most of active learning.   
  • Using Technology to Address Student Mental Health: Dr. Ray talked with two district CTOs and an industry professional about their strategies in using technology to spot early warning signs of student mental health concerns and protect students from cyberbullying, self-harm, and violence. 
  • How Districts are Curbing Learning Loss During the Pandemic: During this Lunch ‘n Learn, Dr. Ray spoke with a panel of experts who shared strategies for decreasing learning loss and discusseddiscussed what changes brought on by the pandemic are likely permanent. 
  • Flipping Virtual Classrooms for More Impact: Flipped learning has been an effective practice since the early 2000s and today we can apply these practices in a new way with synchronous and asynchronous learning environments online. 

Tech & Learning has compiled this library that includes almost 50 Lunch ‘n Learns, each with a helpful summary of takeaways and links to the on-demand webinars. Find the schedule of upcoming webinars here. We hope this library of content can support your professional development as you plan for next school year and beyond. 

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