TechLEARNING News(5)

  • Congress Says Bah Humbug to Schools
    Congress finished its work on the FY 2006 education budget, and there’s good news and bad news. While tech funding was cut by $221 million, at least the program survived.
  • Serious Game Gets Players
    Using 3-D graphics and action video sequences, Food Force, a free online game from the United Nations World Food Program, helps players learn about world hunger. Learn more about serious games.
  • MI Considers Requiring Online Courses
    Michigan is about to become the only state that requires students to have completed an online learning experience in order to graduate.
  • Wikipedia Rival Planned
    A new information service, Digital Universe, will launch early in 2006, with a free open source encyclopedia that has two tiers articles written by the general public that are not certified by experts as accurate, and those that are.
  • Spoken Books for Free
    LibriVox contains a small, but growing, collection of audiobooks that are available for free. A cadre of volunteer readers recorded the works.