Technology Training Tips: Laughter is the Best Medicine

L -Limit concepts... Present only one or two concepts at a time. (A hard lesson I've had to learn is that what seems like one or two concepts to me does not always seem like one or two concepts to learners.)
A-Avoid Jargon (It's a big turnoff !)... If you want to see their eyeballs roll back into their head, just start throwing around "RAM, ROM, graphical interface," etc.
U-Useful... Show new users what the technology can do for them that would be immediate and useful. (Sure, go ahead and show them how to bid on Ebay.)
G-Grin... goof off, and generally try to make training fun.
H-Hands-on... Give immediate hands-on experience. (Don't listen to them when they say, "Just show us.")
T-Teamwork... Have teachers pair up when introducing new concepts. It saves a lot of time and frustration!
E-Exploration... Allow time to explore. (District administrators hate the idea of paying teachers for a lot of this, so you can always call it something else..."Independent project", or "Multimedia exploration"...)
R- Relax... Use a calm, down-to-earth manner. (You know how a dog senses fear? well...)

Submitted by:Pam Wenger
Technology Coordinator, Northern York School District
Dillsburg, PA

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