Texas Middle School Fire Scrambles Servers

    A suspicious fire last week (Jan. 13) at  Ringgold Middle School in Texas destroyed nearly one half the building.    The only people allowed inside the building besides investigators the morning after the fire were Rio Grande City (TX) Consolidated
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A suspicious fire last week (Jan. 13) at Ringgold Middle School in Texas destroyed nearly one-half the building.
The only people allowed inside the building besides investigators the morning after the fire were Rio Grande City (TX) Consolidated Independent School District technology staffers, who were escorted into the school's server room. The fire disrupted the server's connection, disabling e-mail, the district Web site, and other technology used by all the campuses. Testing was to determine whether the server and its information could be salvaged.
The building was undergoing renovation at the time of the fire and is insured for $9 million, should the building be deemed a total loss.



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