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The Computer Science TeachersAssociation has released a detailedreport on computer science teachercertification called “Bugs in the System:Computer Science Teacher Certificationin the U.S.”
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The Computer Science Teachers Association has released a detailed report on computer science teacher certification called “Bugs in the System: Computer Science Teacher Certification in the U.S.” It is described as “a comprehensive study of all 50 states and the District of Columbia revealing that each state (and in some states each school district) has… its own idea of where Computer Science fits in the academic program and who is qualified to teach it.” The report makes some recommendations, including:

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„„• Establish a system of certification that ensures that all Computer Science teachers have appropriate knowledge of and are prepared to teach the discipline content.

•„„ Establish a system of certification that accounts for teachers coming to the discipline from multiple pathways.

•„„ Require teacher preparation institutions and organizations to include programs to prepare Computer Science teachers.

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SETDA releases ed tech report

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has released its annual National Trends Report, revealing new data on the power of technology to increase student achievement and describing the need to equip American children and teachers with the knowledge and

Report Explores K-12 Engineering Possibilities

A committee of experts on diverse subjects has attempted to determine the scope of efforts to teach engineering in elementary and secondary schools. Issues include types of curricula and professional development, how engineering education interacts with science, technology, and mathematics, and the impact of initiatives.

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Higher Ed Horizon Reports

The New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSELearning Initiative jointly released the NMCHorizon Report > 2013 Higher Education Edition.

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Teacher Eval Report

A new report titled “Teacher Evaluator Training and Certification: Lessons Learned from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project,” was based on the collaborative work on video-taping and scoring over 23,000 lessons across 3,000 classrooms for the MET project.

Accessing Student Information System Reports

The district has implemented a Student Information System (SIS). Office staff, teachers, and I use the system to enter everything from attendance and grades to test scores and discipline information. However, we still must wait for reports to come from the district office. How does this help us? The best

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New Energy Report

Cloud computing could become a game changer for energy-efficient IT, as cloud computing is about efficiency in every respect